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Yuexi Auto Machinery Co. Ltd., founded in 2004, innovates and manufactures machineries for the production of diamond tools. The array technology is efficient and precise giving the products a competitive edge in quality and price.
The company is recognised as Guangdong Innovative Technology Enterprise in 2018 and had developed numerous patents over the years. Our award-winning Multi-layered Array Cold Press Machine is popular among our clients in China, Europe, US and beyond.

About us


• Guangdong Innovative Technology Enterprise 2018
• “Three-dimensional Array Multilayer Diamond Tool Additive Manufacturing and its Intelligent Manufacturing Machine” was awarded Science and Technology Research Outcome Registration Certificate 2019
• First Prize of Science and Technology Award 2019 issued by Guangdong Mechanical Industry (Engineering Institution)
• 2020 Guangdong Province Science and Technology Incubation Project
• Third Prize of China Mechanical Industry Science and Technology Progress Award 2020 • The research and application of the “Three-dimensional array granulation machine“ was one of the first Guangdong Projects to be incorporated into Significant Technology Reserve in 2020


• Diamond segments automatic cold press machine (Certificate of invention patent no. 2011101390557)
• Material-weighing device, material weighing method, and cold press (Certificate of invention patent no. 2016101952311)
• Powder even distributon and the automatic powder filling machine with this even distributor (Certificate of invention patent no. 2013100801255)
• A vacuum suction device, diamond suction detection device and suction control method (Certificate of invention patent no. 201310390461X)
• A material dosing device (Certificate of invention patent no. 201310390461X)
• Automatic powder filling machine (Certificate of invention patent no.2011101391649)

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We specialise in the manufacturing of diamond tool production machines including Diamond Array Cold Press Machine (Multi-station Rotary Disc or Single-mold Line Production), Granulator, and so on. We can also custom-made machines to suit your production needs. Please get in touch to know more.

Multi-station Rotary Disc

Diamond Array Cold Press Machine

Single-mold Line Production Machine

Diamond Array Cold Press Machine

Diamond Products

We produce diamond tools including Road Saw Blades, Wall Saw Blades, High Frequency Saws, Ring Saw Blades, Laser Welded Blades,
Gangsaws, Laser Welded Core Drill Bits, etc., and their segments.
All of our products are produced with our 3D Array (3DA) technology that arrays diamond in a specific order on multiple layers so to
formulate a 3 dimensional relationship between each diamond particle to maximize strength, sharpness and durability.

Road Saw Blades

Road Saw Blades

Wall Saw Blades

Wall Saw Blades

High Frequency Saws

Ring Saw Blades

Laser Welded Blades

Laser Welded Blades


Laser Welded Core Drill Bits

Customer Service

All of our new models are equipped with digital twins technology. The data collected could be used to optimize production and hence maximize production capacity.
Machines equipped with digital twins will allow us to provide technical support more effectively when needed.

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